When it comes to moving into an independent or assisted living community at Squamish, you may have a lot of questions about this Park Place senior community. The answers to these questions may be the determining factor about your readiness to move into Shannon Falls. If you are doing research for yourself or for your senior loved one, it is crucial to research and be aware of the questions others ask.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about independent or assisted living at Squamish:

Am I allowed to bring my pet with me?

At Shannon Falls, small pets are permitted as long as the resident understands that they are responsible for the care of their pet. Although this independent or assisted living community in Squamish is a pet friendly building, the pets must be leashed at all times in the common areas for safety to other residents and staff members.

Will my room be fully furnished?

Your suite at Shannon Falls will come with a variety of features that are covered by your monthly rent. All suites will include a bathroom and either a kitchenette or kitchen (depending on the size of your suite) that comes with a refrigerator and stove or microwave. All residents are encouraged to personalize their suites to make it their own.

What kind of meals will I receive?

When living at this retirement community, you will be provided with a fresh and flavourful home cooked meal included with your monthly fees. You don’t have to worry about cooking your own meals everyday, as the experienced culinary team will prepare nutritious and delicious meals for you to enjoy. The culinary staff also takes food allergies into consideration when making the meals, as well as any suggestions you may have for a future meal so don’t hesitate to let them know.

How will I spend my time when I move into Shannon Falls?

Living at this independent or assisted living community in Squamish means there is never a dull moment for you or your senior loved one. There are a variety of amenities on-site for you to spend time at, by yourself or with another friend. The recreation coordinator also organizes daily activities, games, and events for additional fun. If you are passionate about a specific activity or hobby, let the recreation coordinator know and they will try their best to accommodate your wish.

If you’re looking to find the right seniors community in Squamish, for you or a loved one, book a tour at Shannon Falls Retirement Residence today! Contact lfriesen@ppsl.com or call 604-848-2000 today to learn more. We look forward to getting to know you!