After hearing about all the great things that come with retirement living, it is finally your chance to enjoy what it’s all about. After you take some time out to celebrate with your family and friends, and maybe take a nice vacation, you will eventually come back to your home and wonder what you should do next. If maintaining a house is something you no longer have the desire to do, you might be considering moving into a Squamish independent or assisted living community. With many options to choose from, whether you want to stay close to where you currently live, or move to a different location, Shannon Falls Retirement Residence could be what you are looking for.

Here are the top 4 reasons to move into a Squamish independent or assisted living community

Amenities & activities to keep you busy

When you first get a tour of Shannon Falls Retirement Residence, you will learn that there are many ways you can spend your time here. Throughout the Squamish independent or assisted living community, you can find a variety of amenities that are available for all residents to use. They can include rooms such as fitness centers or gyms, libraries or activity rooms, lounges or common areas, and much more. Every month, there are also organized recreational activities which range from a variety of activities from social to physical, and even cognitive to ensure you can enjoy all aspects of retirement living.

New people to connect with

With more and more people looking into starting a new chapter at Shannon Falls Retirement Residence, it is likely that you won’t be the only one that is new to the retirement community. You’ll find a wide array of residents who have also just recently moved, or have been living there for years. The more people that reside at this Squamish independent or assisted living community, the more chances you have of connecting with another resident (or multiple new residents). Everyone has a unique set of experiences and stories they can share with you and the best thing you can do is listen and share your own.

Eating tasty and nutritious foods

Another reason you might be considering to move into a Park Place Seniors Living community like Shannon Falls Retirement Residence is because of the delicious and healthy foods that are served daily in the dining room. Our chefs and culinary team are highly experienced and knowledgeable about what’s good for you and they know exactly how to make it more tasty for your consumption. You won’t have to worry about washing dishes or trying to find new recipes to keep you feeling healthy. If you are craving something in particular, you can always let someone from the culinary team know and they can try their best to accommodate your request.

No more maintenance

One of the most popular reasons that many seniors choose to move into a Squamish independent or assisted living community is because they no longer have to worry about the maintenance that comes along with owning property such as a house. You don’t have to do seasonal upkeep of the lawn and house exteriors because everything is routinely handled by the staff here at Shannon Falls Retirement Residence. No more having to fix any squeaky faucets or raking leaves outside, you can just relax and rest assured that it will all be handled by professionals. 

If you’re looking to find the right seniors community in Squamish, for you or a loved one, book a tour at Shannon Falls Retirement Residence today! Contact or call 604-848-2000 today to learn more. We look forward to getting to know you!