The sun has risen on a new season in Squamish with the arrival of spring! As flowers bud from the earth, and days get brighter, it’s hard not to feel the rush of energy and renewal that this time of year brings. For seniors living in a Squamish retirement community, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on creating healthy habits that can elevate emotional and physical well-being. At Shannon Falls Retirement Residence, we are here to support seniors in living life to its fullest. Here are a few of our top wellness tips for seniors to try this spring.

Take it Outside

The days of snowfall warnings and icy streets are behind us! With temperatures on the rise, and pristine natural surroundings to explore, it’s an incredible time to get outside and experience the beauty of our own backyard. And if the mood-boosting benefits of Vitamin D isn’t enough of a motivator, the breathtaking local sights are sure to be. A few important reminders to consider when venturing out for a walk in the great outdoors:

  • Layer Up: Just because the sun is shining, doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away the cozy clothes for the season. Be sure to check the temperature outside before heading out, wearing cozy layers that can be removed as needed. Clothing that is made from merino wool is a great option for spring, as the fabric can adapt to the surrounding temperature.
  • Lather Up: Don’t forget that UV rays are still present, even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds! To help protect the skin from potentially harmful effects of the sun, be sure to apply a sunscreen on areas of the skin that will be exposed, like the face and neck. Reach for a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.  
  • Lace Up: Opt for a practical footwear option with a slip-resistant material and tread to minimize the risk of falling. Show the feet some TLC by wearing an orthotic insole for added support, comfort, and stability while clocking in steps.
  • Buddy Up: To make the experience all the more memorable, and safe, seniors should bring a friend or family member along for the walk. For extra support, seniors might consider being joined by a healthcare professional in order to make the journey more comfortable.

Tidy Up at Home

Spring is a wonderful time for seniors to catch up on spring cleaning in their spaces by decluttering or redecorating. Creating a clutter-free living environment is not only beneficial for promoting a clearer mind, but it’s also helpful in minimizing dust, reducing tripping hazards, and making everyday items more accessible. A few simple ways seniors can elevate their homes this spring include:

  • Donating or discarding items that are no longer being used (ie: trinkets, clothing, old bedding)
  • Incorporating spring scented aromatherapy, like essential oils, to create a pleasant fragrance throughout the home
  • Adding indoor plants or fresh flowers in the space to add a cheerful pop of colour

Give Something New a Try

Trying something new, whether it’s a hobby, activity, or adventure, can ignite a sense of curiosity and accomplishment in seniors. It challenges the mind to adapt and learn, while—in many cases—working the muscles of the body for added physical benefits. A few ways seniors can spice things up this spring: 

  • Try a Fresh Hairstyle: Sporting a fresh look can boost confidence and self-esteem in seniors. It’s an opportunity to let the personality shine while showcasing individual style. At our Squamish retirement residence, our onsite hair salon allows seniors to indulge in this form of self-care when inspiration strikes.
  • Take up a New Hobby: Whether it’s bingo, gardening, bird watching, knitting, or practicing meditation, there’s a never ending supply of new experiences for seniors to explore based on comfort level and physical ability. Our Squamish retirement residence features recreational calendars with a wide selection of classes and group activities to take part in.
  • Volunteer in the Community: Getting involved in the local community through volunteering is a great way for seniors to give back while building meaningful connections with others. From local beach and park cleanups, to neighbourhood safety programs and engagement groups, there are plenty of ways seniors can get active in the community.

Fuel Up on Seasonal Produce

With the change in season comes an abundance of fresh produce that add colour, flavour, and essential nutrients to the plate. By eating whole foods that are in season, seniors can reap the nutritional benefits while supporting local food vendors and farmers. As well, our Squamish retirement residence offers daily meals prepared in-house by talented chefs who use fresh, local ingredients wherever possible.

Why Wait?

For seniors who are ready to start embracing a healthier lifestyle, there’s no time like the present! Give a few of these spring wellness tips a try to start experiencing the profound physical and emotional health benefits.

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