Older individuals often benefit from moving into a retirement home. You get to live in a place designed for senior living and increase your social connections at the same time. A retirement community like Shannon Falls will improve your quality of life and help you enjoy your golden years. If you’re wondering if it’s time to make the move, read on to learn the signs you need to look out for.

You’re Lonely

As you age, you can feel like the world is moving on without you. This becomes especially apparent if your neighbourhood friends or adult children move away. Losing a spouse has a big impact as well. Your empty home may even depress you.

Isolation increases when your social connections diminish. Mobility challenges that keep you from going out like you used to can have the same effect. Shannon Falls retirement residence opens the doors to new friendships as you live alongside your peers.

You Struggle With Health and Memory Issues

Chronic diseases, like ischemic heart disease and COPD, often occur among older adults. An assisted living home creates a welcoming setting for people who need support due to medical limitations. You can relax knowing that you’re in a well-maintained environment with popular amenities close at hand.

You Fall Behind on Daily Chores

Slowing down or skipping regular household chores indicates that those tasks are becoming burdensome. You begin to notice that your home is getting more cluttered than usual, dishes stop getting cleaned, or you keep forgetting garbage day.

You Notice a Decline in Hygiene and Self-Care

Putting off bathing due to worries about slipping and falling indicates some sort of physical trouble. In many cases, a safely designed bath with proper supports restores someone’s confidence about washing.

Worsening hygiene could also accompany memory problems, also known as cognitive decline. A person honestly forgets to do normal things, like brushing teeth, washing hair, or changing clothes.

Flexible Solutions for Seniors

At Shannon Falls retirement residence, you can live in a comfortable, private suite with housekeeping and dining services. Plus, our around-the-clock staffing ensures you always have someone helpful nearby. Reach out to us for a tour of the community in Squamish, BC.