Older age often comes with increasing needs and you may find that keeping up with household obligations and self-care needs is becoming a challenge. If you wish you had a more accessible community of peers like you did in the past, now may be an ideal time to consider your options for retirement living.

1. Choose a Desired Location

When searching for a retirement community, one of the top criteria you will want to keep in mind is location, especially if you want to live close to your family. Another thing to consider is choosing a senior community that is close to things like shopping, dining and medical clinics. Think about where you’d be happiest living and narrow your search to that general area.

2. Determine Your Current and Future Needs

Before choosing a senior living community, it’s wise to take an honest appraisal of your current physical and emotional needs. Are you finding daily living tasks difficult to keep up with? If so, inclusive housing and laundry services should be on your must-have list. If you’re looking to increase your social opportunities, look for a community that offers group activities and has amenities like a game room, library and dining facilities that will make it easier to make friends.

Considering your current medical needs is crucial. If you’re in relatively good health with few mobility issues, an independent living residence is probably perfect. However, you may need to opt for assisted living in the future if you find you require additional support or skilled nursing care. To prepare for such possibilities, it can be advantageous to choose a community that has both assisted and independent living services.

3. Meet Residents and Staff

You can’t truly know if you might enjoy a retirement community unless you’re able to interact with the residents who live there and the staff who will be assisting you. Ask to spend time speaking to these folks so you can get a feel for what it’s like to live there.

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